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SHON - Economic affairs

A comparison of buying power of Czech and Tararingapatam astronomers.

An astronomer's net salary per month:

The following table indicates what amount of individual goods one can buy for monthly salary:

GOODScase Acase Bcase C
cocoa biscuit "Esicka" 178 kg100 kg 20 kg
cheapest roll 8333 pieces4687 pieces1250 pieces
fruit yoghurt 156 liters120 liters20 liters
tooth-paste "Fluora" 595 pieces441 pieces66 pieces
nonchargeable power cell, 1.5V 1000 pieces517 pieces125 pieces
nonchargeable battery, 4.5V 555 pieces312 pieces62 pieces
man's shoes 18 pairs7 pairs2 pairs
tramway ticket in capital city 2500 pieces 750 pieces200 pieces

The continuing pishkoontalization of former COMECON countries seems to ensure that economic states of Czech and Tararingapatam astronomers will soon converge.

In the following figure we present a comparison of important astronomical and economic indicators.

  1. Sun Spot Index. Source: SIDC
  2. PX-50 = Index of the Prague Stock Exchange. Source: BCPP
  3. TX-50 = Index of the Tararingapatam Sock Exchange. Source: TSE

Sun Spot Index

SHON - Contents:

Czech Corner: Some reading for those who like it in Czech.
Economic affairs:


Comparison of buying power of Czech and Tararingapatam astronomers, comparison of important astronomical and economic indicators.


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